Welcome to Crafts in Bloom!

394203_4452589752815_739018647_nMy name is Urszula; I am an art facilitator and qualified Early Years Teacher.

I believe in that every children are creative, smart and curious and nature is all they need to explore the world and be inspired.


Living in Dublin since 2015 I leaded workshops dedicated to children in several Irish institutions: The Ark, Airfield Estate, Wonderland Theatre and Irish Museum of Modern Art. I facilitated workshops at local festivals. Before coming to Ireland, I worked as an art educator in Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Centre for Contemporary Art where I leaded art workshops and created educational games for children.  I am currently teaching in Dublin Steiner School.

I began work as an art teacher in 2012 and have taught in schools, arts centres and museums in Poland and Ireland ever since. I founded Crafts in Bloom in 2016 and since then I facilitats art workshops, classes and camps s inspired by nature for children and families.

I believe there is no better way to build child’s identity and sensitivity then through art. It helps children to discover the world and understand themselves. Art gives the opportunity to develop their thinking and communication skills. It awakens the ability of perceiving, experiencing and learning. All these elements are essential in child’s life.

Unforgettable experience of children who participated in my classes and go back home excited about new things that they experienced and learned that day.